verizon iphone

Apple and its iphone is it really all that?


Was it fair what apple did in regard to limiting and

allegedly crippling the verizon iphone?


The world will soon find out because it looks like there are some serious problems about consumer issues that the new iphone cannot compete in the market because of limited functionality of the device that apple sold to verizon.


Many people wonder about a lot of things, concerning, this device, simply because of the obvious disadvantages that this allegedly crippled device, has including being one dimensional, in its ability to only access the radio or the modem, so you cannot make a phone call and be online at the same time. This is a problem, for a number of reasons but mostly it allegedly could be considered unfair business practices.


Think about it this way, if you are a consumer and you purchase a device from verizon and you find out later that the device will not work as you expected it to work because of all the advertising, you might consider that the advertising was deceptive. So will the FTC come to the aid of the consumer because it is something to consider being that apple intentionally (allegedly) has not enabled, the Verizon i phone to work on the fast 4 G network which is yet another disadvantage.


This is not good for the consumer, because it places them at a disadvantage when compared to other consumers, it creates an unequal situation among consumers, now ask yourself this question is that fair to the consumer? It may not be clear if apple has broken any laws in its alleged intentional manipulation of a market they have a strong presence in already. It seems like apple has created a situation where the consumer may be harmed because of self limiting software that has created an unequal relationship between the provider and the consumer. it is troublesome.


I for one was prepared to make a purchase from Verizon however, after learning about the nature of the problems with the device, It makes it unlikely that new consumers will make a purchasing decision, unless they are subjected to deceptive advertising. It really looks like a lot of money was spent on this product but the consumer will be the true looser here.

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