Has apple not learned its lesson yet?

It seems not, after apple took almost 5000 apps off line because of what some people saw are PC, reason, politically correct.

Apple recently changed its terms of use allowing more developers to develop with tools other than xcode, we feel it is important to give credit where credit it due.

What makes a good app?

With all the different environments available for programmers, it is interesting to note that xcode is one of the most miss understood programming methods out there, it is not surprising, apple does not go out of its way to explain, or even make it understandable.

In the forums you will notice a lack of empathy toward the beginning user, it is even apparent that official reply are far and few between, in recent changes to the SDK, software development kit, terms of use, many thousands of developers found that they could no longer support the apple platform.

This created a lot of bad press and even more bad feelings among the very people that had supported apple when apple was not as popular as it is today.

In some of these miss begotten, terms, you can allegedly only use “certain approved” programming techniques.

This is not a good way to encourage the creative process.

As a result the forums have become literal ghost towns, with fewer and fewer participants.

If SJ wants people to start using Xcode, I think they will need to put a little of their mouth behind the growth of the tool into a more Object oriented offering, such as many more modern tools have already made available to its user base.

One thing for sure, unless apple changes its ways, one of the things you will be getting with your apple products will allegedly be worms.

Mobile Application Development

Is it really all about mobile or is the desktop computing environment still alive and kicking.


With the quickly growing popularity of cell phones, PDAs and smart phones, mobile application development has just begun to get popular, With this boom in technology, a new outreach of Java emerged – Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, or J2ME. J2ME provides a full-bodied, elastic environment for applications running on consumer devices, such as internet-ready smart phones and PDAs.

J2ME delivers the power and benefits of Java technology to consumer and embedded devices. J2ME includes great networked support, an ever-growing follower of programmers, and integrated applications that are as user-friendly as many desktop applications.

Getting past the mumbo jumbo of acronyms. J

2ME-based applications are able to take into account the specific characteristics of the devices they inhabit, making them capable of utilizing each device to its full potential. In summation, J2ME is the standard for mobile application development today – with a following of software vendors, consumers, programmers, and marketers.

Although programmers aren’t as common as they are for desktop applications, many firms offer great J2ME application development packages. Full-service companies like Red Fly Studios, of Ireland, offer J2ME services at competitive rates. When coupled with a powerful operating system, J2ME can really begin to reach its full potential.

Symbian has been a power-player in the mobile operating system game
for some time.

Symbian is a software licensing company. Established as a private company in June 1998, Symbian has been around the mobile application development game for some time. Symbian is headquartered in the United Kingdom, but employs over 1000 people in its worldwide offices.

During early 2005, 14.5 million phones were manufactured with Symbian operating systems, bringing the worldwide tally to 39 million Symbian-based phones. Symbian refers to itself as “THE Mobile Operating System,” and it’s difficult to argue with numbers like those.

To conclude, mobile application development focuses on two things – a programming language, and an environment for it to manifest itself in. Sun’s Java outreach, J2ME, is a front-runner in the mobile application game. Symbian is the definitive operating system (environment) for mobile applications. When you’re looking for mobile application development, it’s important to consider these two factors and then find the development firm that suits your needs.