Software Utilities

Developing products that address simple issues can be a very productive enterprise.

There are thousands of small businesses that do not have a productive method of training employees, they do not have a website, they often ignore complex issues because it is too time consuming and they find it hard to manage.

Push Button software can create opportunities that you never thought about before.

In fact for small business which by the way is about to be booming in America once again…

The need for automation software is very great and the truly ironic thing is that they do not really know it yet.

The average small business owner has had to take over a lot of their businesses, in order to make it work they have had to begin working employee hours that used to be filled by employees, this is a huge problem because it takes energy away from the one person in the business that without them the business will not survive.


Without the right amount of business development the idea of owning a small business is going to become a thing of the past.

One of the challenges facing these tough minded business leaders is that they often have developed a way of doing things over the years and they are usually very resistant to change.

It is normal to feel that way about change people do not like change.

The real challenge is getting these leaders to understand the necessity of making some changes, perhaps not huge changes that cost a lot of money but small changes designed to position their business into the 21 century.

Most small operating retail establishments are suffering from the economy which contrary to the local news and national news has not recovered at all.

They know that this is indeed the truth and that is one of the reasons why the election turned out the way it has.

People know that the cost of living has gone up…


Inflation has crippled the cost of doing business.

Food costs have tripled

conversely over the last 8 years of the democrat parties rule in the white house, Senior Citizens cost of living increase has been the lowest of any democratic parties enslavement of the white house for the people but not really.

The people have not benefited from the democratic party.

People have begun to see through all the BS that once worked, tell them they will get a chicken in every pot.


A car in every drive way…

But that did not work either.

So its about the economy, its about people that do not eat out because they can’t afford to eat out any more.

So that is the reality that we all face, but another reality is also hitting and that is the reality that many more people are shopping digitally.

More people are buying more things online…

This is not a good thing for the retail business location.

Its a nightmare in fact.

Ignoring this reality is also going to become the beginning of the end for many more businesses.

Don’t let it become what happens to your business.,

Small Business Software

I recently visited our local State Farm insurance agency, I had to get an insurance binder for a project but I had to wait for a few moments while the computer rebooted, because there had been a power loss they had to wait for a very old windows XP computer which still had a floppy drive, (the computer was a dell made in 1998)

Now, I could not help but notice that this company is probably not much different than thousands of small business computer systems all over the USA.

Even the computers at Best Buy were dated, though they do have touch screens now so they can do a lot more.

The thing I thought was really interesting was that these companies are not competing by using modern technology.

Now that might or might not be a priority for this company and likely it is not because they would have to spend thousands to upgrade their software to a more modern version.

This can be a huge disadvantage for the average business.

Mobile Website or Mobile Application

The great question of technology today may be something very different than what you imagined in the past.

Years ago, back in the early 90s I was consulting with various business owners who were interested in a website but just did not understand how it worked and more than often they were afraid of the technology.

Some of them understood how powerful it was and others thought it was just another fad.


One guy said to me that the internet was just a fad and that it would soon be over.


The funny thing is that business now has a for sale sign out side…


This does not mean that there your business will go out of business if your not up to date with the technology of the times but it does mean that when you refuse to change because you think that your business is immune from the future you could end up in a situation where your business will fail.


You can go right along and just ignore what technology is all about or you can learn more about it and compete because in the very near future business companies that provide consumer services beyond the ordinary point of sale, will prosper while other companies experience the pain of shrinkage.

Mobile America


 Mobile development can be an expensive in more ways than one, you might think that buying a cheap alternative to a professionally produced mobile application is a great way to save money but the truth could be much different.

In the past we saw the website design market place begin to move from Million dollar websites to less expensive alternatives which at first were not too bad, however over time the price of a website went so low that the quality of the product began to decline. 

 You can see the same thing happening again, this time with mobile websites and applications.

Would you trust your business to a high school student?

Most business owners would agree with the idea that creating a positive image is one of the most important things you can do to gain new business.

  • Would you sacrifice the quality of your product just because you might save a few dollars?
  • Would you serve cold food at your restaurant?

The answer is NO, Not if you want to continue to be successful in your business.

There are a lot of things about running a business that the average person does not understand.

Managing a successful business is a full time endeavor, it takes a lot of effort and planning to remain successful in a challenging economy.





Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the new Gold on the horizon. 

There are millions of cell phone users who now have access to the internet, they search for a place to eat, they search for things to buy, then even use their phones to turn on and off the lights at their homes. 

 There are more searches using smart phones than in the past. 

Mobile marketing strategies can improve your sales and your bottom line. 

Just a few years ago you could still afford to ignore mobile marketing but no longer, these days if you are not marketing your business to the mobile market you are asking for serious financial problems in the near future. 



Developing software

There are many unique software products online today and many of them are of good quality there are many more that are of a sub standard quality. 

Developing good solid software can be very difficult it requires a lot of careful consideration and thought it only makes sense that planning take at least as long as production perhaps even longer since poor planning can sap the sales of any digital product failure to plan and think out the needs and the features of a software product will rob you of the profits potential of your development every single time.

This seems a little odd to me since this is a truth that cannot be contradicted yet this is also the single most often made mistake.

Planning and development plus testing equals a great opportunity to make money selling a digital product if your planning on selling a digital product you should carefully consider the needs your product will meet well in advance of spending the money you will make.

It is true that some of the most substantial fortunes made in this century were made in the digital software market.

However the truth is that none of these software products save one were produced and developed with failure in mind.

If you really want to develop good software and other digital products finding a good planner is something that you must do and do very well if you hope to succeed in this very competitive market.



Mobile App Development

Creating and maintaining Mobile Apps is a serious venture depending on the complexity of your application it could cost a lot of money to develop and then maintain.

There are some vendors that will take advantage of the average buyers and consumers by selling services at a very high rate.

This happens all the time in the market place, it should not because when the dust settles the good vendors who provide value and service along with pride in their humanity will treat people the way they would like to be treated. 

The problem is that many small business owners do not know much about technology and when they encounter one of these people that take advantage of them it reflects badly on the entire industry.

So here is a short primer on how to spot fakes who have no idea how to

provide real services.

These people usually will have a set way of talking they will say words with all kinds of acronyms, one of the best ways to spot those people that do not know what they are talking about is to ask them one simple question (What Does that Stand For?)

If they cannot tell you or they have an excuse why they don’t know then its a good bet your dealing with an amateur, though not always, there are a lot of acronyms and it is easy to learn the lettering but not the names behind the lettering, that is why they use those terms but at one time or another they should understand the technology behind the letters.

Often the mark of someone that is not a professional is when they cannot answer any specific questions about how an application should be coded.

Beware of these kinds of people.

It is one thing to be a developer another to be a consultant and yet another to be a programmer.

Rarely will you find someone that can do all three.

In one recent business interview we spoke with a pizza business that was paying $89.00 per month for (hosting) for a mobile application they were paying $49.00 for each update to the application.

They had paid $5000.00 for application development and service fees for everything you can imagine.

Later it turned out that the person was wanted by the police they disappeared, this small business owner ended up with nothing but a very bad feeling about the business of mobile application development.

We were able to show them how to create a much better environment one that they controlled not some punk kid with no education and a warrant.

We saved them a lot of money just because of one simple thing The Golden Rule.

It really is just that simple, treat people like they are your neighbors and you cant go wrong.


Googles new Search Engine

 Do you like the new Google?


Well once again we have a change in the works that hopefully will improve the embattled Search Engine Giant which has over the last few months been the subject of quite a lot of negative public relations chatter.  

After doing some research I found that the search results were providing some very low value and often yes Spammy search results often containing a high number of Google Adsense advertising and very little content.


What will this mean to the thousands of publishers that play by the rules, hopefully they will see an increase in search engine traffic but allegedly google is playing a dangerous see saw game of hide and seek, with its corporate advertisers at the top of every search result, it is hard to find the hard data that your looking for, that is a big problem for just about every search engine out there not to mention Google.


Still, will this really work or will it yet backfire once again?

It remains to be seen one thing for sure, if your not playing by the rules eventually your going to pay a price, but how do you know what the rules are if they change so often and without any advance notice that you are unprepared for those changes?

It seems as if Google is lost in translation here, both in the larger market for consumers and in the market for advertisers.


Back when it was two guys who had a dream they made come true it was a great thing but sadly something changed.

Something is vastly different about Google and that is what many consumers are finding out about Google, it is no longer what it once was as a company, the sheer number of disaffected and down right angry youth, who have been turned off toward google and its products is devastating to the search engine giant.

When you value the advertiser over the consumer its a no win situation and until google realizes that very basic fact, they are not going to improve their services, its not rocket science, publishers, have the consumer base, and if you treat your publishers like trash, you will pay a price for that.




Keyword traffic



Search engines, distribute traffic, keywords define how that traffic is distributed along with a quality factor, and other factors.

How do you get traffic to your websites? 

Do you use SEO methods?

Do you spend hours of your time?

Developing traffic is all about using keywords and writing good clean content.


There are a number of possible research methods when developing keyword topics.

keyword traffic estimator is a method of making an educated guess at how much traffic a particular keyword might have.

In fact the market for keywords is a very expensive one from as high as $8 to 15 dollars per keyword and up, it is hard to imagine just how much money some of these companies charge for thier products.  For example we asked a well known company for a quote on keyword access this is just access to a database, and they said, that they could provide that access for $800.00 US Plus a surcharge that would apply for addational calls to the database, now imagine that they are actually using Amazon Web Services, to provide the through put for this service, given the likely cost of the service which is about $78.00 per month, the idea of charging $800.00 per month, is not only marginally insulting but amazing.

Do not get ripped off, by companies that are trying to find a meal ticket.

We are not against the idea of someone making a profit but this is realy crazy.

It really does pay to shop around because we found a much better service, for much less, in fact the level of data that they provide is just nothing short of amazing. 

Visit them here because you just have to see this data it is just that good.

Learning about keywords is just part of what you really need to understand about succeeding online.
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