Welcome to our wordpress software website. We appreciate your interest in our products, we create time saving plugins for active blogger and website writers.

The average blogger or website webmaster spends around 6 to 8 hours a day full time and 2 to 4 hours a day part time, blogging writing, designing, creating, and producing content.

As we were also following in these footsteps of content creation we noticed that wordpress takes twice as long to use as say a traditional method, most of this is for those inexperienced users in order to serve the most users, wordpress has been created to cater to as many users as possible.

So a process or flow has been created that allows just about anyone given some time and effort to learn how to use word press to create and maintain a website.

While this process is not perfect it is stable and that is the main function of any software vendor more so with wordpress being free, you cant complain, (well you might) but trust me no one is listening to you.

So we can see why the system works the way it does, however, it can also work counter productive to the individual that is a skilled typist and has no problem navigating the structure of word press.

One of the things we noticed right away was the time it takes to actually post and to update content which is the main job of any website owner or blogger, maintaining content and updating websites, is the most time consuming part of any webmasters job.

It takes more time to do that than any other aspect of the webmasters work.

So, we started looking at the process and found some short cuts, that would cut down on the time required to maintain wordpress websites, simple right, well not entirely, we had to test and test and test.

However, eventually we came of with several plugins that makes working with wordpress easier and faster.

We think you will appreciate being able to maintain twice as many blogs in half the time.

Enjoy the site, and do check back for more anytime.

We are busy and we have several staff on duty, so have a great day and remember to have fun.

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