Small Business Software

I recently visited our local State Farm insurance agency, I had to get an insurance binder for a project but I had to wait for a few moments while the computer rebooted, because there had been a power loss they had to wait for a very old windows XP computer which still had a floppy drive, (the computer was a dell made in 1998)

Now, I could not help but notice that this company is probably not much different than thousands of small business computer systems all over the USA.

Even the computers at Best Buy were dated, though they do have touch screens now so they can do a lot more.

The thing I thought was really interesting was that these companies are not competing by using modern technology.

Now that might or might not be a priority for this company and likely it is not because they would have to spend thousands to upgrade their software to a more modern version.

This can be a huge disadvantage for the average business.

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