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 Do you lock up your house when you leave town?

Imagine what would happen if you just left the front door wide open…


A recent question came up on a forum that was of particular interest to several members of that community and it is of interest here as well, it was the question of licensing and validation, how it effects the buyers of products that require daily and or even hourly validation of a products veracity, how can you make sure that your users are entitled to use your software?

Many felt that since they had spent money to be able to use a product that any interruption in the ability of that customer to use that product constituted, not only a failure of service on the vendors part but also a failure of the product to provide the value for which it was sold and for which the buyer paid for its use.


When you look at the situation in that light you cannot fail to appreciate the irony of the few causing trouble for the whole body of customers, the example being the few who may not have obtained the product lawfully causing the main body of customers to suffer with being denied access to products. So is there a balance between the rights of the product owners, to keep people who have not paid from using their products and the rights of those customers who should rightly have unfettered access to their products at all times? 

The answer may not be as easy said as it is done, for many reasons, however, one might thing that the needs of the many would outweigh the needs of the few. Of course without paying customers what would you have?

When you consider the risk of the alienation of your customers by deny access to products that customer had purchased, could cause a serious bank account issue, you have to consider the needs of the customer first and foremost. Which is an interesting thing to observe in many companies which apparently take the opposite approach and would rather deny access to everyone and thus effectively fail the very people that are providing your revenue, which in the old days, would have been called biting the hand that feeds you. Which any sane individual would have seen as the most truthful thing ever.

Yet, that is not what we have seen over the course of the last year in stead we have seen the value of the customer consistently denied in favor of the needs of the few. This makes no business sense at all, yet many large corporations are in fact doing just that, without regard to what customer think, say or do.

Perhaps when revenue begins to decline and everyone that can be blamed has been blamed, and still no solution has been found, perhaps they will see what this post is all about and then collectively attempt to assuage the guilt of failure with apology, however at that time I rather suspect that once the fox is allowed in the hen house, the damage has been done, it is only though the insight of foresight, that a true solution to the problem can be obtained. Consider the customer first.,



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