Web deployment

 Deploying to the web is a risky business at least in some situations.


In many ways, the idea of deploying on the web has changed over time, with so many browsers fighting for market share like unruly brothers and sisters or puppies if you will.

This constant development and cycles which cause massive headaches for many different vendors, should stop, however that is not likely to happen, web deployment is something that is gaining in popularity not only because it is something that we need but because there are so many apps that exist on mobile devices that consumers are finding it difficult to manage the massive number of apps that perhaps are not well managed, or do not close, or eat up processing power, or cause the batteries to fail.


Perhaps Steve was right perhaps apps do cause more harm if they are not managed correctly. 


Why it makes more sense to deploy to the web…


There are many very good reasons to use a deployment for certain operations that are not related to hard data, the number one consideration should be network congestion, that is the biggest problem for many companies, congestion causes lost hours in production, creates over time, causes frustration for clients and consumers alike.

It only makes sense to manage non sensitive deployments this way because you can release those resources that were being “hogged up” by non essential application and move the resources where they really need to be used.

Providing solutions that relive the clients problems is paramount, it only makes sense to use a better method of distribution. That method is increasingly a web only deployment, if your organization is frustrated by obsolete software which fails to provide the kind of productivity you really need consider the option of using an added internal or external network that can both relieve the congestion and provide a better end user experience.



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