FTC no tracking?

Is this the end of Affiliate Marketing…

Ok, it could be something to consider, the FTC seems to want to take an interest in how the internet works. DNT could stand for do not track which would in effect put many thousands of websites out of business along with the ad networks that support them. Some people have to wonder, about the idea that could cause millions of dollars in damages and other issues for vendors and website owners. So what would happen if websites just started posting a splash screen that states, Hi, thank you for your interest in our website however it appears that you have elected to turn off cookies, at this time sadly we have to deny you access based on your browser settings, have a nice day now I am sure you will find some website somewhere, to get the information you want, Hey how about trying the FTC and see if they can help you out? See how crazy it could get, well that might happen soon, simply because the FTC is sticking its big nose where it does not belong.

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