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Developing products that address simple issues can be a very productive enterprise.

There are thousands of small businesses that do not have a productive method of training employees, they do not have a website, they often ignore complex issues because it is too time consuming and they find it hard to manage.

Push Button software can create opportunities that you never thought about before.

In fact for small business which by the way is about to be booming in America once again…

The need for automation software is very great and the truly ironic thing is that they do not really know it yet.

The average small business owner has had to take over a lot of their businesses, in order to make it work they have had to begin working employee hours that used to be filled by employees, this is a huge problem because it takes energy away from the one person in the business that without them the business will not survive.


Without the right amount of business development the idea of owning a small business is going to become a thing of the past.

One of the challenges facing these tough minded business leaders is that they often have developed a way of doing things over the years and they are usually very resistant to change.

It is normal to feel that way about change people do not like change.

The real challenge is getting these leaders to understand the necessity of making some changes, perhaps not huge changes that cost a lot of money but small changes designed to position their business into the 21 century.

Most small operating retail establishments are suffering from the economy which contrary to the local news and national news has not recovered at all.

They know that this is indeed the truth and that is one of the reasons why the election turned out the way it has.

People know that the cost of living has gone up…


Inflation has crippled the cost of doing business.

Food costs have tripled

conversely over the last 8 years of the democrat parties rule in the white house, Senior Citizens cost of living increase has been the lowest of any democratic parties enslavement of the white house for the people but not really.

The people have not benefited from the democratic party.

People have begun to see through all the BS that once worked, tell them they will get a chicken in every pot.


A car in every drive way…

But that did not work either.

So its about the economy, its about people that do not eat out because they can’t afford to eat out any more.

So that is the reality that we all face, but another reality is also hitting and that is the reality that many more people are shopping digitally.

More people are buying more things online…

This is not a good thing for the retail business location.

Its a nightmare in fact.

Ignoring this reality is also going to become the beginning of the end for many more businesses.

Don’t let it become what happens to your business.,

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