Software Utilities

Developing products that address simple issues can be a very productive enterprise.

There are thousands of small businesses that do not have a productive method of training employees, they do not have a website, they often ignore complex issues because it is too time consuming and they find it hard to manage.

Push Button software can create opportunities that you never thought about before.


Fusion HQ

This product is so good, that it really needs no introduction.

If you need a total solution that really delivers.

This is what you need.

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage and build your online business without the hassle of depending on programmers or developers.

– make sure you keep reading.

The software I’m talking about is FusionHQ. It’s an all in one drag and drop marketing platform for non techies. It’s been around for a few years and just keeps getting better and better.

FusionHQ eliminates the need for programmers and designers. You can now easily do it yourself or get outsourced staff to do it – it’s really that easy (especially with their FusionBox system which allows you to get a full on business up in 60 seconds – more on that later).

What is FusionHQ?

It’s an integrated drag and drop marketing platform allowing people to create sales funnels, membership sites, mini SEO optimized content sites, affiliate programs, manage their autoresponder, purchase domains, hosting plus more.

All this is done in one easy to use centralized place without any coding or design skills needed. A lot of it is drag n drop and very intuitive.

No HTML, no PHP, not even FTP – it’s all automated.

Niche Businesses
FusionBox allows users to install an entire ‘ready to go’ business in 60 seconds. Right out of the gate some of the businesses will allow you to build your list, sell a product and also sell affiliate offers.

It’s a full on business all you need to do is drive traffic to it. If you want, you can customize anything you like really easily. There are a whole bunch of money making niches to chooses from.
Business Model Templates
For those who want to create their own product, squeeze page, sales pages, membership sites etc. You have the ability to install a business template that is all professionally laid out, all you need to do it add your content – ie. headline here, product image here.

It saves a ton of time and is a really fast way to build professional sales pages that convert.
Building Websites With Drag n Drop

FusionHQ uses drag and drop technology which is very intuitive. You can literally drag an optin form onto the page (fully coded). The same goes for videos, buy now buttons, images and much more. This is awesome especially since most other people only allow you to use a WYSIWYG text editor.

I also like FusionHQ’s split testing feature because it’s super simple to do. You can set up a split test in 20 seconds – all without a single line of code.

When it comes to building your site, there are plenty of professional templates to choose from (with more being added all the time) and you can even create your own.
Sales Funnels

You can build anything from basic to complex sales funnels, using the drag n drop sales funnel builder. This is where you plan out your upsells, downsells, exit popups, etc. FusionHQ codes it all together automatically. Perfect for non-techies and advanced marketers.

In the past I used to have to draw the sales funnel then get my programmer to build it for me – not anymore it’s far easier just to use this software.
Membership Sites

It also allows you to build membership sites. You can manage your members, give unlimited membership levels, drip feed content and build your membership site using the drag and drop technology (again no coding at all).

FusionHQ membership sites…

* Give everyone a unique username and password
* Only allow one person to login at once per username (preventing people from sharing login details)
* Drip feeds content (great for making money with membership sites)
* If someone refunds they will actually lose access to the membership (unlike many other membership scripts out there)

Each FusionHQ account comes with free cloud hosting to make it super easy to get your websites up and running.

The cool part is that FusionHQ is not one of those platforms that force you to upload your website on THEIR server. Platforms that do this usually take your website should you decide to move on to something else (it doesn’t make good business sense).

FusionHQ gives you the freedom to upload everything to your own hosting – which is nice if you already have your own hosting.

Another nice feature is you can export your site to a zip file if needed.
Payment Gateways

If you intend to sell anything via your website, you’re going to need a way to process payments.

Currently FusionHQ easily integrates with Clickbank, Paypal, 1shoppingcart, 2checkout, and Eway (with more on the way in future upgrades).

FusionHQ has it’s own integrated autoresponder that is included with every account, making it more of a fully integrated system for online business owners.

You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. You can continue using your own autoresponder.

FusionHQ integrates with popular autoresponders such as Aweber, Getresponse, iContact, MailChimp, Imnica mail, InfusionSoft (and more being added).
Go2webinar integration

Webinars are a great way to make money provided you have something to sell. Well FusionHQ allows you to set up custom squeeze pages that register people to multiple webinars AND an autoresponder list simultaneously from one form.

This is very powerful and will help you get more people on your webinars, which means more money. It’s also a great way to build your list because they sign up for the webinar(s) and your list at the same time – all from one form.


Affiliate Program

You can build a robust affiliate program without any coding. Fill out your settings, create your tools and you’re ready to recruit affiliates.

The affiliate software has triple layers of protection – IP tracking, cookie tracking and the option to hardcode – which ensures accurate stats for affiliates.

FusionHQ’s affiliate software supports up to 2 tier. It enables you to manage affiliates, create custom commissions, custom tools for specific affiliates, etc.

It can also be used to integrate with Clickbank much in the same way as EasyClickMate.

I’d highly recommend taking a look at FusionHQ. As with anything there is always a learning curve, but with their FusionBox system, you can get something up and running in 60 seconds – all fully customizable using their drag and drop system – it’s awesome!

FusionHQ saves a ton of time and money and it’s become an invaluable tool for my business.

It has lifetime upgrades, so all upgrades in the future are free (and the improvements they’ve made in just the last year alone have been incredible).

It’s drag n drop, simple and is fully customizable. It’s a non-techie’s dream (but even techies are using it).

There is no need to waste thousands of dollars on programmers – not to mention all the time and research it takes trying to explain what you want.

No matter where you’re at, FusionHQ has the functionality you need to take you from nothing to a 7 figure per year business. All without any coding.
Check it out now at

Small Business Software

I recently visited our local State Farm insurance agency, I had to get an insurance binder for a project but I had to wait for a few moments while the computer rebooted, because there had been a power loss they had to wait for a very old windows XP computer which still had a floppy drive, (the computer was a dell made in 1998)

Now, I could not help but notice that this company is probably not much different than thousands of small business computer systems all over the USA.

Even the computers at Best Buy were dated, though they do have touch screens now so they can do a lot more.

The thing I thought was really interesting was that these companies are not competing by using modern technology.

Now that might or might not be a priority for this company and likely it is not because they would have to spend thousands to upgrade their software to a more modern version.

This can be a huge disadvantage for the average business.

Mobile Website or Mobile Application

The great question of technology today may be something very different than what you imagined in the past.

Years ago, back in the early 90s I was consulting with various business owners who were interested in a website but just did not understand how it worked and more than often they were afraid of the technology.

Some of them understood how powerful it was and others thought it was just another fad.


One guy said to me that the internet was just a fad and that it would soon be over.


The funny thing is that business now has a for sale sign out side…


This does not mean that there your business will go out of business if your not up to date with the technology of the times but it does mean that when you refuse to change because you think that your business is immune from the future you could end up in a situation where your business will fail.


You can go right along and just ignore what technology is all about or you can learn more about it and compete because in the very near future business companies that provide consumer services beyond the ordinary point of sale, will prosper while other companies experience the pain of shrinkage.

blogging software

Posting and blogging is work, make no mistake about it, however, you can make the most out of the time you spend posting using plugins, that help you get your work done.

how it can work for you, perhaps you have seen some of the CMS software solutions for sale on the internet, in fact you could end up paying several hundred dollars for a Content Management System.

Developing a system of blogging is about how you want to publish and what you want to communicate with the people that will be reading your written work.

WordPress is one of the best CMS systems on the market and the price is really good.

What is the price you ask?

It is Free…

Developing a website using wordpress is not easy but it is possible and it is something that anyone can learn to do…

Creating content using software now that is something that can help you do your work faster and it is something that you can do every day.

Visit our website about wordpress blogging and using software.

Panda update

Are you being held back by the panda update, well here are a few things you can do to help improve your websites visibility in search engines. 

yahoo panda update things may be different and you might not even realize it.

Do you believe that your website is good enough for a search engine?

I want to share with you a method of writing and editing posts that will help you increase your website traffic.

Imagine for a moment that you are an avid blogger but you just cant seem to get it right,
no traffic and no customers, you can develop content quickly and easily, but is it the right content.

google panda patch and more information.

Developing content and delivering value have been a big deal over the last few weeks and it is going to be even more important as search engines jockey for more and better positioning in the market. There are several interesting factors here, the reaction has been that we need better content and more value oriented content, and you know what I agree with that assessment.

Content is all about communication, if your content is a bunch of rehashed PLR material then you will probably find that your site is not well received by Google.


Mobile America


 Mobile development can be an expensive in more ways than one, you might think that buying a cheap alternative to a professionally produced mobile application is a great way to save money but the truth could be much different.

In the past we saw the website design market place begin to move from Million dollar websites to less expensive alternatives which at first were not too bad, however over time the price of a website went so low that the quality of the product began to decline. 

 You can see the same thing happening again, this time with mobile websites and applications.

Would you trust your business to a high school student?

Most business owners would agree with the idea that creating a positive image is one of the most important things you can do to gain new business.

  • Would you sacrifice the quality of your product just because you might save a few dollars?
  • Would you serve cold food at your restaurant?

The answer is NO, Not if you want to continue to be successful in your business.

There are a lot of things about running a business that the average person does not understand.

Managing a successful business is a full time endeavor, it takes a lot of effort and planning to remain successful in a challenging economy.





Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the new Gold on the horizon. 

There are millions of cell phone users who now have access to the internet, they search for a place to eat, they search for things to buy, then even use their phones to turn on and off the lights at their homes. 

 There are more searches using smart phones than in the past. 

Mobile marketing strategies can improve your sales and your bottom line. 

Just a few years ago you could still afford to ignore mobile marketing but no longer, these days if you are not marketing your business to the mobile market you are asking for serious financial problems in the near future. 



Developing software

There are many unique software products online today and many of them are of good quality there are many more that are of a sub standard quality. 

Developing good solid software can be very difficult it requires a lot of careful consideration and thought it only makes sense that planning take at least as long as production perhaps even longer since poor planning can sap the sales of any digital product failure to plan and think out the needs and the features of a software product will rob you of the profits potential of your development every single time.

This seems a little odd to me since this is a truth that cannot be contradicted yet this is also the single most often made mistake.

Planning and development plus testing equals a great opportunity to make money selling a digital product if your planning on selling a digital product you should carefully consider the needs your product will meet well in advance of spending the money you will make.

It is true that some of the most substantial fortunes made in this century were made in the digital software market.

However the truth is that none of these software products save one were produced and developed with failure in mind.

If you really want to develop good software and other digital products finding a good planner is something that you must do and do very well if you hope to succeed in this very competitive market.